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Early formation of Linkin Park is meeting Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson (Linkin Park guitarist) in grade 7. Then they formed a band called Xero. Brad also played for the band Relative Degree, one of the personnel is Rob Bourdon (Linkin Park drummer). Mike met Rob through Brad and Rob joined Xero. In college, he became acquainted with Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (Linkin Park bassist) who is a roommate Brad. Mike, who majored in illustration at the Pasadena Art University, met with Joe Hahn (Linkin Park turntablis). Later, Dave Farrell and Joe Hahn joined Xero. Xero Dave had left to rejoin his old band, Tasty Snax. Initially, they recruited Mark Wakefield the vocalist, then taken over by Chester Bennington (former vocalist of Grey Daze) until now, while Mike and so rapper. Unfortunately, because the name Xero has used another group, they were forced to change their name to Hybrid Theory. Then, after being rejected three times, Hybrid Theory successfully received by a company called Warner Bros. recording. Records after a successful launch Hybrid Theory EP titled EP in 1999 as many as a thousand pieces. However, at that time Mike was having a problem with Jeff Blue, manager. Jeff Blue said that Mike did not have to rapping, just play the keyboard alone. This incident inspired Mike to write the song Get Me Gone (Fort Minor) Once again, they were forced to change the name because the name is similar to the name Hybrid Theory Hybrid band from Wales. Rather than be the same band, they chose the name changed again to Linkin Park. However, before named Linkin Park, they had changed his name to 0818. This name also became known in mid-2009, when Brad Delson speaks at the graduation ceremony at UCLA, Los Angeles, mid-2009. Linkin Park Chester name is taken from the name of a park in Los Angeles, Lincoln Park. In order to manage your own website, Chester convert spelling to Linkin Park. After that, they managed to buy a web site [


At the start of its formation, Linkin Park homage to rock. Upon entry of a DJ or turntablis named Joe Hahn, Linkin Park changing its flow into hip-hop. However, the album Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park changing again flow into nu metal and rapcore. Similarly, the album Meteora, Linkin Park just adding electronic elements. On the album Minutes To Midnight, everything changed. Linkin Park actually reduce the specific elements of nu metal. Instead, Linkin Park using flow alternative rock. This is definitely an experiment, given the success of Linkin Park with the nu metal genre in the previous album. However, it turns out the experiment was successful. Technical Linkin Park is rarely used technique yet melodic guitar guitar. In addition, Mike Shinoda's rap often appears in many songs. Sometimes Chester screaming in some songs. Again, the change occurred in the album Minutes To Midnight. Linkin Park reduces the rap element of Mike. Rap only in two songs, namely Bleed It Out and Hands Held High. While vocal Chester more dominant than ever before. Linkin Park also played softer. Linkin Park Underground This is a group of fans of Linkin Park was formed in 2001 by Linkin Park and Jessica Sklar. If joining the LPU (acronym) it can obtain special merchandise for LPU members. Such as T-shirts, ashtrays, books, exclusive ringtones, exclusive songs, exclusive videos, and LPU album every year. So far the album LP Underground v9.0 is the best breakthrough, as in the album that the whole song is a demo of songs that have never been previously released by Linkin Park. Plus there is a demo song Across The Line, a song most discussed on the forum since Linkin Park DVD Making of Minutes to Midnight was released. This song has a title previously Japan.

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