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Jenni Rivera, is undoubtedly the female lead in the Regional Mexican, an important figure within a genre where man has prevailed. The winner of several gold and platinum albums certified by RIAA gives us his latest musical production titled "Jenni" and will be available in all stores on September 9th, 2008.

The first single is titled promotion , 'Guilty or Innocent' authored by Camilo Blanes, which was popularized by actress and singer Lucia Mendez in the 80's. This track was recorded in band and pop version with the unique style of 'La Diva'. Like his previous hits, undoubtedly 'Jenni', again become 'guilt or innocence' in a radio hit.

Jenni Rivera In this production, decides to produce his own album to be known as the woman who is, not everyone knows the artist. "This record I wanted to produce it entirely myself, because I wanted to have a production in which know me not as an artist or as a public figure, if not, as I am a woman. After all, only that I am, a woman like any other ... "With doubts and solutions, flaws and virtues, love and hate .... smooth gull, but feline like a lioness" .... . proudly .... I am part of that "strong, weaker sex." Through this album simply titled "Jenni", I wanted to convey the feelings of what "JENNI" is ..... just a woman. From the pictures to the lyrics of each song .... this is "JENNI", commented 'The Diva'.

"Jenni" features 12 spectacular items, and a bonus track, of which four are of the responsibility of 'La Diva'. With this production, Jenni Rivera, offers topics that have great meaning she also unreleased tracks chosen by the interpreter, with messages of love and heartbreak and special dedications.

The issues contained in this magnificent production are: "Chuper Friends", "guilty or innocent" Wrap "," Your shirt on "," Ni Ni Me Va Me Coming "," With "," When I Remember You " "Fraud", "Fallen Throne", "worth", "The Bed" and "Moving".

Throughout his career 'the Diva of Banda,' has enjoyed a loyal legion of fans which consist of a multi generational audience admires her talent and musical integrity.

With a discography of more than a dozen albums which may sound easy to meet, however for Jenni Rivera, this means a labor of love, effort and above all, many sacrifices. And usual everything she does, it does give the best thinking of herself and her music.

Basic Info

Founded 1970

Current Location Los Angeles, CA

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Website http://www.fonovisa.com

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