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How to grow url, How the url of your website on the internet grows rapidly, HOW AND WHY TO GROW TO BE VERY IMPORTANT WEBSITE URL ? current online business world is becoming increasingly popular around the world. And it can become increasingly difficult competition for all online businesses. I now have a great way for you. read below

Promote your sites to hundreds of classified ads, directories, blogs, mailing lists, social bookmarking sites and many more, with just a few clicks. We even send your ads, while you sleep with

What is is a media that will spread your ad to classifieds sites, web directories, mailing lists and blogs that spread across the virtual world with just a few clicks. You never send your ad to the classified ads or post information about your web site? If so of course you know how long, troublesome and tedious process of sending the ads. Starting of the registration process on classified ad sites, waiting for incoming email confirmation, type or copy-paste ad ad text one by one, fill captcha (code) and repeat the process step by step on classified ad sites scattered. This process is very time consuming and many classified ad sites that you enter will depend on the length of time you are online. solve your problem with the ad delivery process and shorten the info, now you can send not only faster and more sent to the classified ads, you may even be able to relax because of the advertising poster features automatically send your ad even when you're sleeping though! You just register to, seek credit and enjoy your free time. Your next task? Sit back, drink coffee and watch your site advertising spread to all locations classifieds and directories.

Areas where base spread ad?

Currently, Indonesia.

Can help improve Google Page Rank or Alexa rank?

GrowUrl promote your site to hundreds of classified ad sites, directories, blogs, and email. It is expected to add traffic or traffic to your site and for those who are interested will surely put a backlink to your site. When your site is gaining in popularity, is certainly your ranking in Alexa and Google Page Rank will also rise.

Are spamming?


GrowURL only send submissions to the free classified ads are available to the public, directories, mailing lists and blogs. That is, GrowURL just sending ads to enter a site that does allow advertisements or information freely.

GrowURL also only allows one website to be sent only once a day to avoid the impression of being a spammer.

GrowURL in Facebook,/p>

How do I sign up?

Go to the menu "Register" in the menu above or on the left sidebar (under the login box) Enter your email address active in the ID field. This email address will be used as your ID We will send you a confirmation email containing the password you need to log in to Email confirmation does not come in?

If you use Yahoo Mail or GMail and did not find any of GrowURL email inbox folder, please check your spam / bulk. A confirmation email will be sent automatically. If you do not immediately receive a confirmation email within one to four hours, use the "Forget Password" on the front page to repeat the process of sending a confirmation email or call us at [email protected] Parties admin will not know the password that was sent to you because the password is sent randomly. If the above situation occurs, we will give you a new password and you can change it on the menu Update Personal Info. OK, I've got the password, what should I do? Passwords very difficult anyway, can you change?

After getting the password, you can login using your full email address and password to get into the members page. Your account will be automatically activated. If you do not like the password you have or want to replace it with a more memorable password, then you can use the "update info" that is at the bottom of the left sidebar of the page member. After entering the update page, enter your new password into the blank field that has been provided. If you still want to use the old password, leave the password field blank second.

How do I post an ad?

How advertising is very easy delivery, for non-member ad delivery form is provided on the front page GrowURL, you can use it to send your ad to 10 classified ads to be randomized or randomly by the engine GrowURL. Click and use the "Click Here to Open Advance Form" to complete the ad data.

For members - after entering the courtyard member, click "Start growing your website" to open the form ad delivery. Fill in the complete data needed, use the "Click Here to Open Advance Form" to open the column form is complete. How is the process of sending an ad?

After clicking the "Let's Grow", you will be taken to the site of "seeding" or spread ads. Each contains about 20 pages of classified ads. Ads will be instantly sent and if the process is completed will be written "Seeding Done". The whole process must be completed in order to enter the next step by clicking "Next". To perform a check whether your ad is logged in or not can be checked directly to the site in question by clicking on the classified ads on the left or click on the link "View Log" on the right.

The process of seeding at the beginning is for classifieds site that does not have a captcha code, while in the final step is for the websites coded or captcha. At this location you will have to type in the captcha code to post your ad.

The next process is to send the information to the directory. Information on the site will be delivered to the site directory either inside or outside the country and they will review, if approved - party directory sites will send a confirmation to your email ad. This process is done once and can be passed in the next seeding. How many days should post an ad?

We recommend delivery done in 2 to 3 days, as if too often be considered spam. In one day you can send unlimited number of ads with the origin of each ad has a URL address that is different. So if you want to advertise with one URL only, we recommend using a forwarder or redirect (note: the maximum number 1) for a single site. If too much use we will redirect banned site.

How effective is the program?

Effective once. Until now there have been more than 9000 sites spread ads with engine GrowURL (in January 2008 just around the 2000s the site).

With a wide range of features that have able to deploy advertising to more than 140 + + (per June 2008) classified ad spread in cyberspace instantly with results that can be seen directly to the relevant classifieds site. This method is certainly much more effective than having to bother you register, sign up for classified ads and manually typing ads. Even if you do copy-paste the text ads that you have prepared though - penetrate more than 100 classified ads in a short time is very time consuming, exhausting and boring. GrowURL solve your problems with a few clicks.

What is the advantage GrowURL?

GrowURL is web-based and run from the browser. In the media field as a propagator of free advertising, GrowURL is the first and the pioneer in Indonesia. Because it is web-based anyway, GrowURL superior spreader berfondasi similar ads to be able to use the software because you do not need to download anything - whether it's for a major program or update. GrowURL also superior because it has a feature that can only be done online as SubmitZzz that deploys automatically and MiniAds advertisements which are posted on the widget for your site or blog.

What is credit? How many credits are required to post an ad?

To spread your ad, GrowURL implement credit system. 1 credit can be used to deploy the first url (the address of your blog or website) to all classified ads that have been listed in the list The term simply 'one for all'. Example: GrowURL advertised through today, then your credit balance will be deducted one credit. Your credit will only be cut again if you come back tomorrow advertise.more info visit here

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