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Google CEO Eric Schmidt opposed browser independent web development for six years . He states that " at the time, Google was a small company , " and he did not want to go through " bruising browser wars . " After co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page hired some developers of Mozilla Firefox and build a demonstration of Chrome , Schmidt admitted that " It so good that basically forced me to change my mind .

Google Chrome was first released by Google on September 2, 2008 , which is when it is only for Microsoft Windows as it is still in beta . Then on 11 December of the same year Google Chrome was launched for all operating systems because it has reached a stable version .
And in January 2012, Google Chrome has managed to achieve a percentage estimated 25-28 % of the overall user 's browser , the browser makes a second or even third most widely used after Mozilla Firefox , according to some sources .

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Google Chrome aims to be secure, fast, simple and stable. There are extensive differences from its peers in Chrome's minimalistic user interface, which is atypical of modern web browsers. For example, Chrome does not render RSS feeds. One of Chrome's strengths is its application performance and JavaScript processing speed, both of which were independently verified by multiple websites to be the swiftest among the major browsers of its time . Many of Chrome's features had been previously announced by other browser developers, but Google was the first to implement and publicly release them. For example, a prominent graphical user interface (GUI) innovation, the merging of the address bar and search bar (the Omnibox), was first announced by Mozilla in May 2008 as a planned feature for Firefox. Both Internet Explorer 9 and Safari (version 6) have since merged the search and address bar
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