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W3 Web Directory - the World Wide Web Directory by country - You seek to escape, to inform you, you seek an employment, or quite simply you wish to discuss or get free high quality backlink for your web/blogsite

How to Get Free High Quality Backlink From w3 directory

W3 Directory - the World Wide Web Directory

High quality backlinks is extremely important and is usually obtained from sites that have high page rank. A backlink from her site a high page rank backlinks better than the 100 obtained from the link farm. W3 Directory is a site that contains web directories or blogs that spread across the world so it is definitely the site has a high page rank and can be used to hunt for quality free backlinks.

follow these steps :

1. After that you select Add a website.
2. Fill out the form to Add a website
-> URL : address of the blog / blog link.
->title : name of the blog.
-> description : description of your blog.
->keywords : keywords that describe your blog.
->identity : fill in your name.
->email : Your email (valid).
->return link / back link : link to get backlinks from w3 directory, the contents according to this URL.
->country : where you live.
->heading 1 : The main categories for your blog.
then click Submit my web site
Note : whenever there is an asterisk (*) means mandatory.
a fairly easy way for sure, let's wait no more.

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